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DiamondsFile:Diamond.png are one the the rarest gems in Mineblocks. Diamonds are also the most inportant one. They are used to get to the nether, and to craft an enchantment table. They are the last tier of armor that you can get in the Over World. The last tier is Dragon Scale but only obtained by killing the ender dragon. Diamonds are also the last and strongest tier of tools. Diamonds are the light blue ore often mistaken of topaz. The most important tools you would need is a sword and a pickaxe.


  • Diamonds are often mistaken for topaz.
  • Diamond armour would be usless since the form of particles giving it its crystal texture means it can be cut easily at an angle where it is flat. Scince it is a game about blocks any 90' hit would slice your diamond armour in half. Lucky for us this dosent happen!