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Data tags are pieces of information that get stored on items and blocks. Tags are used to alter items in various ways, such as in appearance or in functionality.


Data tags can be applied to items by using the give command. They are the fourth parameter.

An example of a give command using data tags:

give leather_cap 1 0 {type:"purple", name:"Purple Hat", enchantments:["unbreaking2", "Fire Protection III"]}


Listed below are all the data tags that can be applied to items.

Tag Name Description Values and Applicable Items
type Specifies the type of the item. Oftentimes this is the color of the item, such as wool. If the value is invalid for the item, the value will be omitted. String

mob_egg: The mob spawned by the egg ("zombie", "ender dragon", "nethereye")

potion: Specifies the type of potion ("empty", "water", "fire protection +")

dye, glass, glass_backdrop, leather_boots, leather_pants, leather_tunic, leather_cap: Color ("red", "purple", "light gray")

carpet, wool, wool_backdrop: Color, or "rainbow"

balloon: Color, or "ghast"

unbreakable If enabled, and the item is a tool, the item will never lose durability. Boolean

Applies to all tools. Value is simply omitted when false.

enchantments A list of enchantments applied to the item. Array of Strings

Applies to all items. Both "unbreaking1" and "Unbreaking I" will refer to the same enchantment. Duplicate enchantments are ignored.

See enchanting for a list of enchantment identifiers.

anvilUses Specifies the number of times the item has been used in an anvil. This only affects the cost of using an anvil on the item. Integer

Applies to all items.

name Overrides the default naming of the item (as if it was renamed by an anvil) String

Applies to all items.

showParticles When enabled, this will hide the particles of potion effects when a potion is drank. Boolean

Only applies to potion. Value is simply omitted when false.

command Specifies the command run by a command book. String

Only applies to command_book. Command will not be checked for errors upon creation.

uses Specifies how many times a command book can be used before it disappears. Integer

Only applies to command_book. Non-positive numbers are invalid.

Colors Tags

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  • Although introduced as an official feature in 1.28, data tags were used to store item properties since 1.25.

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