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Creative mode is a game mode in Mine Blocks that is all about the player having infinite resources to make whatever they want and fool around with cool features. The player no longer needs to worry about losing health and dieing. You can also Double tap w to fly and spawn any block, item, or mob


There is no purpose to be in creative mode other than to be creative! You can create cities, blow up the world, or explore the underground without worrying about dying. You can also fly and spawn in any block, item, or mob

Creative inventory

As of version 1.24, the creative inventory has been drastically improved. It now includes the ability to open the survival inventory for access to crafting and putting on armor. There is also the ability to set your home (spawn point) and go there any time you wish. You can now set the time and weather of the world.

As of version 1.26, the creative inventory has changed almost entirely. All the buttons are now inside a rounded rectangle interface to look more organised. Instead of buttons to spawn each mob, eggs have now been added inside the item library. Another feature is that a trash can is available to use to quickly dispose of an item.

Creative tips and tricks

  • The world still gets dark underground in creative mode. Bring torches!
  • Monsters will not attack you unless you attack them in creative mode. Just be careful where you punch!


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