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Commands, or Cheats, is a way in Mine Blocks (and Minecraft) to obtain resources or change variables. The custom way to activate them (if cheats are on) is to press the " / " button.


Here are a few commands to use when playing Mine Blocks:

1. /help


/help = Lists all the commands

2. /gamemode


/gamemode <1|creative> = Switch from Survival to Creative.

/gamemode <0|survival> = Switch from Creative to Survival.

3. /time


/time set 1-100 Sets the time to a specific spot in the day/night

/time set <day|night>

/time get Returns the time of day

4. /weather set


/weather set <clear|rain|thunder>

5. /xp


/xp add (amount) Gives you the amount of exp.

/xp (amount) Sets your xp bar to the amount specified.

6. /gamerule


/gamerule <keepinventory|dodaylightcycle|dofiretick> <true|false> Toggle dropping all items upon dieing, or toggle if the day/night cycle runs, or the spread of fire and the burning of fire.

7. /kill

Instantly kills the player. It still kills YOU if you type /killcreeper

8. /give


/give (item) Gives you the item.

9. /home <go|set>


/home <go|set> Go to your spawn point or set your spawn point.

10. /tp <[~]x[~]y>


/tp <[~]x[~]y> Teleport to a specific place.

11. /heal


/heal Restore health to full.

12. /spawnskin


/spawnskin skin_id_number [amount] [[~]x [~]y] Spawns in a NPC (Non-player control)into the game. You need to have a skin ID for the NPC. Amount is optional, place spawn is also optional. E.G: /spawnskin 123456

Uses for Commands

Commands give more control to the player over the world. It helps to expedite the building and creation process in creative mode. In survival, the player can use commands to cheat, in order to skip long procedures like rare item farming.