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|output=Bone Meal
|output=Bone Meal

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Found naturally:No
Item ID:bone

Bones can be acquired by slaying skeletons, or by mining bone block, which can be found in the nether.

As a crafting ingredient

By placing 1 bone into any crafting area you will get 3 bone meal, which quickens harvest and/or growing time for plants and trees.

Empty Bone
Empty Empty
Bone Meal

In large 3x3 crafting area, place 5 bones in an "X" shape; one bone in each corner and one in the center. You will get 8 shurikens.

Bone Empty Bone
Empty Bone Empty
Bone Empty Bone
Bone Shuriken


Bones can be used to tame wolves, but it will take more than one bone to tame the wolf.

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