MediaWiki API result

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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<api batchcomplete="">
      <ns _idx="-2" id="-2" case="first-letter" canonical="Media" xml:space="preserve">Media</ns>
      <ns _idx="-1" id="-1" case="first-letter" canonical="Special" xml:space="preserve">Special</ns>
      <ns _idx="0" id="0" case="first-letter" content="" xml:space="preserve" />
      <ns _idx="1" id="1" case="first-letter" subpages="" canonical="Talk" xml:space="preserve">Talk</ns>
      <ns _idx="2" id="2" case="first-letter" subpages="" canonical="User" xml:space="preserve">User</ns>
      <ns _idx="3" id="3" case="first-letter" subpages="" canonical="User talk" xml:space="preserve">User talk</ns>
      <ns _idx="4" id="4" case="first-letter" subpages="" canonical="Project" xml:space="preserve">Mine Blocks Wiki</ns>
      <ns _idx="5" id="5" case="first-letter" subpages="" canonical="Project talk" xml:space="preserve">Mine Blocks Wiki talk</ns>
      <ns _idx="6" id="6" case="first-letter" canonical="File" xml:space="preserve">File</ns>
      <ns _idx="7" id="7" case="first-letter" subpages="" canonical="File talk" xml:space="preserve">File talk</ns>
      <ns _idx="8" id="8" case="first-letter" subpages="" canonical="MediaWiki" xml:space="preserve">MediaWiki</ns>
      <ns _idx="9" id="9" case="first-letter" subpages="" canonical="MediaWiki talk" xml:space="preserve">MediaWiki talk</ns>
      <ns _idx="10" id="10" case="first-letter" subpages="" canonical="Template" xml:space="preserve">Template</ns>
      <ns _idx="11" id="11" case="first-letter" subpages="" canonical="Template talk" xml:space="preserve">Template talk</ns>
      <ns _idx="12" id="12" case="first-letter" subpages="" canonical="Help" xml:space="preserve">Help</ns>
      <ns _idx="13" id="13" case="first-letter" subpages="" canonical="Help talk" xml:space="preserve">Help talk</ns>
      <ns _idx="14" id="14" case="first-letter" canonical="Category" xml:space="preserve">Category</ns>
      <ns _idx="15" id="15" case="first-letter" subpages="" canonical="Category talk" xml:space="preserve">Category talk</ns>