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Type:liquid, natural
Found naturally:In ponds

Water is an important liquid resource in Mine Blocks. It can be collected with a bucket. Water is found on the surface of the world naturally, as well as found in underground caverns. If it rains, water can be collected in 1x1 holes in the ground. If it snows, water may turn into ice. Another way to make ice is four snow blocks put into a square formation (while crafting).When ice breaks, it turns back into water. Another way to make water is to place seaweed on land. Water flows with gravity it does not deal damage.

[edit] Trivia

  • You can swim in water.
  • Your player will die if you stay in water longer than your air bar can hold.
  • It will take 1 heart per damaging from the mob/player.
  • When a player or mob is burning, it can jump into the water to stop the fire on it.
  • Water is also craftable.(craft an ice block and break it)
  • Water disappears into smoke in the Nether.
  • Water is a part of nature in Mine Blocks.
  • When it's raining the rain water can fill in 1x1 ground holes.

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